Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Goal!

So last night I signed up to be Anastasia's Christmas warrior! I got the email today telling me that I am now her warrior! I have to try my best to raise a goal of $1000 dollars for her! And I will need your help doing so! Here are the rules!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO KNOW*.. Any donation of $35.00
or more made on or before the Nov 1st launch date, are not eligible for a ORNAMENT.
Donations also made before Nov 1st do not count towards the $1000.00 Goal.
Donations eligible are those made on or after Nov 1st.

Ornaments are available for donations of $35.00 or more. $5.00 goes towards the cost of the ornament, and the remainder of the donation will go directly to the CHILD'S GRANT Fund. (additional Voice Of Hope Funds are not taken from these Angel Tree Donations)

Are we ready to help this little miss? I know I am! If God is for us then who could ever stop us? :) Lets do this!!


Love For Anastasia!

Hey there everyone, my name is Alyssa :) I am here to tell you about this little miss...Anastasia! Isn't she just a cutie pie? Look at her big beautiful eyes! She is 4 years old :) She was born in 2007! She has been listed on "" for quite some time now...I think it is time for her to find a forever family! :) She is so adorable and looks like she would be a great snuggler! I would love to curl up on the couch and watch a movie with this little miss in my arms!

Love ya little miss!