Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Palm Project

My Name Is Alyssa, And "I AM BEAUTIFUL!"

On Sunday A project was started by 2 young girls in Houston Texas. It's called The Palm Project, it is for young women, showing them that they are beautiful no matter what the world says. Because God doesn't make ugly, only BEAUTIFUL. With in 3 days of the Facebook page being up they had 300 'Likes'. They were/are overflowing with wall posts and inbox messages, from girls all over telling them about how much The Palm Project has touched them. It is certainly amazing to see how God is working through these 2 Girls, and touching the lives of so many young women.

Through this whole thing since day one of The Palm Project, it has gotten me thinking and wishing that I could go to the Orphanages in Russia, Bulgaria, Asia, Ukraine, and every other orphanage where precious little girls with Down syndrome are wasting away because in the worlds eyes they are ugly, and unworthy of life, and write "I Am Beautiful" on all of there hands and take a picture of each and every one of them. To show not only them, but the world that they are Beautiful. They have a life worth living. They have something extra that not everyone has! God put extra work into them to make them special. He loves them the same as everyone else! I know quite a few Princess' with Down syndrome, and MAN! are they adorable! Lemme list off a few of the Princess' that I know :)

Little Miss Julia

Clare - Bug

Miss Julianne


Laura Bug :)

Aren't they all beautiful? Guess what...quite a few of them were adopted! None of them are orphans anymore because someone saw their potential and how gorgeous they are and saved them from life locked up in an institution! When people say " Whats so special about them?" I say "I don't see people, making videos and blog post's about how AMAZING and AWESOME you are now do I?" Gets them every time! Any who, I guess what I really wanted to point out is how amazing these little girls are. They need a family to love one them and tell them that they are gorgeous daily.

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