Thursday, November 3, 2011

That Chip In...

Well what I am here to ask is...Could we make that chip in rise? Could you give up a Starbucks, to give a child a better chance at finding a family? Could you give $5 dollars? That is all I am asking is $5 dollars. I'm not asking for a lot just $5. If we could make the chip in bar rise just $5 dollars, I would be so happy! I have had quite a rough day, and it would make my day worth it if I saw that someone care about Annie and Bekah enough to give $5 dollars...Just $5!!

So go to that little chip in on the side of the page. The one Labeled "Giving Christmas" and enter the give away! To see the items up for grabs go to the "Giveaway" tab :)
Please! Pretty pretty please! Help save Annie & Bekah!

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